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2009-10-24 23:20:06 by bluesectionrow18

350 smoek weed errday

fuk all u 12 year old fukin little kids talkin shit about my music i make way better than u ever cud

ill fuk u up if i ever see u in my hood an =d my nnigs wil smak da fuk outa u



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2009-10-25 20:56:33

hey dude whats up yo? i just wanted you to know that you are the worst audio "srtist" i have heard in my life. have a nice day

bluesectionrow18 responds:

fuk u faget ill slam my dick into ur mouth until i spurt jizz all voer youra facucking face


2009-10-27 23:31:29

i dont believe your music is better than mine


2009-12-30 01:37:43

dsmoke weeeeeed vryty da2i